LCA projects

The European Platform on LCA hosts the dedicated webpages of the LCA projects conducted by the Joint Research Centre and focused on specific key sectors and applications, as following:

Plastics LCA

Plastic LCA
Life Cycle Assessment of Alternative Feedstocks for Plastics Production.

Consumption Footprint

Sustainable Consumption
Indicators and Assessment of the Environmental Impact of EU.

Food system analysis

Food system analysis
Food waste prevention actions, tools and studies.

Zero Pollution-Ecotox Explorer

Ecotox Explorer
Rationale and data for derivation of freshwater ecotoxicity CFs


Ecotox Explorer
UNEP - Life Cycle Initiative - "Global LCA Data Access" network for data accessibility and interoperability.


Ecotox Explorer
UNEP - Life Cycle Initiative - Global Guidance on Environmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators.