ILCD International Life Cycle Data system


The ISO 14040 and 14044 standards provide an important framework for LCA. This framework, however, leaves the individual expert, practitioners and data developers, with a range of important choices that can be individually interpreted, leading difference in consistency, reliability and comparability of the results of an assessment. Equally, the methodologies behind life cycle data from different sources can differ widely, so the data are often not interoperable. The ILCD has been developed since 2005, to provide guidance and standards for greater consistency and quality assurance. The ILCD consists primarily of the ILCD Handbook and additional Entry Level Requirements, and the Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN), plus a range of supporting documents and tools.

Based on ILCD Entry Level Requirements, since 2006 the European Life Cycle database has been developed. In 2018, given the capacity of data developers (involved in ELCD data generation) to create and maintain their own nodes for data sharing, the ELCD has been discontinued, however the latest version released is available here

The recommendations for ILCD compliance are available through the ILCD handbook and the ILCD Entry Level Requirements.

    -   ILCD handbook (set of guidance documents for different aspects of data development and compliance) available through this page
    -   ILCD Entry Level Requirements (simplifying some aspects of the ILCD scheme for Process Data generation) are available here

Process datasets in line with ILCD Entry Level recommendations are available through the data developers' nodes available here

Additional information, guidance for data development, excel tables with characterization, normalization and weighting factors, are available here

See also the general developers' page for common tools (for both ILCD and EF) for Data Validation, Data Sharing (node creation) and data analysis, available here

For format issues, related do different objects in the ILCD format structure, specific format documentation is available here

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