EF transition phase

The updated list of key documents produced by JRC for the EF Transition phase can be accessed through the links below.



The common methods to measure the life cycle environmental performances for PEF and OEF have been included in the Commission Recommendation 2021/2279 published in December 2021.

Documents at the base of the EU Recommendation:

Suggestions for updating the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) method

Suggestions for updating the Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) method
img1 Latest version of the Annex C for PEF / OEF studies (and PEFCRs/OEFSRs under development) in the EF transition phase, including default application-specific and material-specific values to be used in the application of the Circular Footprint Formula when performing a PEF or OEF study.
img1 Guide for EF compliant datasets with instructions for data developers on dataset types to be used, procedure for updates, disaggregated datasets, meta data, modelling, node structure, etc. available here (ver. JULY 2020).

In order to reflect the changes in the Environmental Footprint 3.1 reference package, additional guidance documentation has been released for EF 3.1 data developers.

The Interface Paper Version 2.1 (2020) containing the "Modelling requirements on LCI models under the Environmental Footprint for interoperable data exchange via the eILCD format" is available here.
The full Software Developer Kit (SDK) including sample data for the different XML types, schemas, stylesheets, license and other documentation is available here.

Previous versions od the EF Data Guide:
- Guide March 2019
- Guide August 2019.
EF REFERENCE PACKAGE img1 Complete EF reference package 3.1 (including validation profile and Look@LCI configuration) available here (last update July 2022).
EF reference package 3.1 excel file available here.
Changelog from EF 2.0 to EF 3.0 available here and from EF 3.0 to EF 3.1 available here.
More information on the EF 3.1 can be found here.
The supplementary materials of Saouter et al, 2018 were updated to EF3.1: Underlying input data, CFs with USEtox and ILCD emissions compartments are available here.
IMPACT ASSESSMENT img1 An overview of the evolution of the life cycle impact assessment methods from ILCD to the different stages of the Environmental Footprint is available here. 
Supporting information for the characterization factors used in the impact assessment for the EF is available here .
EF 3.1 Report Supporting information to the characterisation factors EF3.1 can be found here.
img1 Suggestions for the update of the Environmental Footprint Life Cycle Impact Assessment concerning impacts due to resource use, water use, land use, and particulate matter have been discussed in a JRC technical report (available here) and its annexes (available here).
img1 Updates on Ecotoxicity and Human toxicities methods available here. All supplementary materials mentioned in the report are available here
img1 Supporting information to the characterisation factors of recommended EF Life Cycle Impact Assessment methods, version 2, from ILCD to EF 3.0. available here
img1 - Normalisation and weighting factors EF3.1 (July 2022) available here.
- Methodological details and the underpinning inventory of the global NF EF 3.0 are available here
img1 Final recommendation on a weighting set to be used for the EF. Several annexes and comments from a consultation of the Environmental Footprint Technical Advisory Board are also included.
Weighting report available here.
OTHER RESOURCES img1 Process datasets in line with recommendations are available in the data developers' nodes available here
Common tools (for both ILCD and EF) for Data Validation, Data Sharing (node creation) and data analysis available here
For format issues, related to different objects in the ILCD format structure (serving also the EF scheme) specific format documentation available here