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ILCD Format 1.1 Documentation - Unit group data set

Field name Element/attribute name Requ. Occ. Data type Definition eDoc ID
Unit group data set unitGroupDataSet m [1,1] 5
@version m SchemaVersion
Unit group information unitGroupInformation m [1,1] 5-33
Data set information dataSetInformation m [1,1] 5-33-138
UUID of unit group data set UUID m [1,1] UUID Automatically generated Universally Unique Identifier of this data set. Together with the "Data set version", the UUID uniquely identifies each data set. 5-33-138-306
Name of unit group name r [0,1] StringMultiLang Name of the unit group, typically indicating for which flow property or group of flow properties it is used. The individual units are named in the "Units" section of the "Unit group data set" 5-33-138-307
Classification Information classificationInformation r [0,1] Hierachical classification of the Unit groups; foreseen to be used to structure the Unit group content of the database. (Note: This entry is NOT required for the identification of the Unit group data set. It should nevertheless be avoided to use identical names for Unit groups in the same class. 5-33-138-308
Classification classification r [0,n] Optional statistical or other classification of the data set. Typically also used for structuring LCA databases. 1-1-2-7-2
Classification system name @name r string Name of the classification system. 1-1-2-7-2-a
Classes @classes r anyURI URL or file name of a file listing all classes of this classification system. [Notes: the referenced file has to be in form of the "ILCDClassification.xml" format. If a classification file is specified, the "class" entry should correspond to the classes defined in the classification file.] 1-1-2-7-2-b
Class name class r [1,n] Name of the class. 1-1-2-7-2-1
Hierarchy level @level r LevelType If more than one class is specified in a hierachical classification system, the hierarchy level (1,2,...) could be specified with this attribute of class. 1-1-2-7-2-1-a
Unique class identifier @classId r string Unique identifier for the class. [Notes: If such identifiers are also defined in the referenced category file, they should be identical. Identifiers can be UUID's, but also other forms are allowed.] 1-1-2-7-2-1-b
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
General comment generalComment o [0,1] FTMultiLang Free text for general information about the data set. E.g. coverage of different unit systems, information sources used, etc. 5-33-138-309
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Quantitative reference quantitativeReference r [0,1] This section identifies the quantitative reference of this data set, i.e. the "reference unit" in which the data set is expressed. It is the basis for the conversion to other units in the data set (e.g. for mass-related units "kg" as basis for conversion to and among "g", "ounces", "short tons", etc.). 5-33-140
Reference unit referenceToReferenceUnit r [1,1] Int5 The Unit group's unit in which the data set is expressed (data set internal reference). 5-33-140-310
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Modelling and validation modellingAndValidation r [0,1] Sections used to a very limited degree; covers the five sub-sections 1) LCI method and allocation (not used for unit groups), 2) Data sources, treatment and representativeness (not used for unit groups), 3) Completeness (not used for unit groups), 4) Validation (not used for unit groups), and 5) Compliance. 5-35
Compliance declarations complianceDeclarations r [0,1] Statements on compliance of several data set aspects with compliance requirements as defined by the referenced compliance system (e.g. an EPD scheme, handbook of a national or international data network such as the ILCD, etc.). 5-35-158
Compliance compliance r [1,n] one compliance declaration 1-3-22-1
Compliance system name referenceToComplianceSystem r [1,1] GlobalReferenceType "Source data set" of the "Compliance system" that is declared to be met by the data set. 1-3-22-90
Approval of overall compliance approvalOfOverallCompliance o [0,1] ComplianceValues
Fully compliantMeets all requirements of this compliance aspect as defined in the respective "Compliance system".
Not compliantDoes not meet all requirements of this compliance aspect, as defined for the respective "Compliance system".
Not definedFor this compliance aspect the named "Compliance system" has not defined compliance requirements.
Official approval whether or not and in how far the data set meets all the requirements of the "Compliance system" refered to. This approval should be issued/confirmed by the owner of that compliance system, who is identified via the respective "Contact data set". 1-3-22-95
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Administrative information administrativeInformation r [0,1] Information on data set management and administration. 5-37
Data entry by dataEntryBy r [0,1] Staff or entity, that documented the generated data set, entering the information into the database; plus administrative information linked to the data entry activity. 5-37-164
Time stamp (last saved) timeStamp r [0,1] dateTime Date and time stamp of data set generation, typically an automated entry ("last saved"). 1-5-28-104
Data set format(s) referenceToDataSetFormat r [0,n] GlobalReferenceType "Source data set" of the used version of the ILCD format. If additional data format fields have been integrated into the data set file, using the "namespace" option, the used format namespace(s) are to be given. This is the case if the data sets carries additional information as specified by other, particular LCA formats, e.g. of other database networks or LCA softwares. 1-5-28-105
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Publication and ownership publicationAndOwnership r [0,1] Information related to publication and version management of the data set including copyright and access restrictions. 5-37-166
Data set version dataSetVersion m [1,1] Version Version number of data set. First two digits refer to major updates, the second two digits to minor revisions and error corrections etc. The third three digits are intended for automatic and internal counting of versions during data set development. Together with the data set's UUID, the "Data set version" uniquely identifies each data set. 1-5-30-111
Preceding data set version referenceToPrecedingDataSetVersion o [0,n] GlobalReferenceType Last preceding data set, which was replaced by this version. Either a URI of that data set (i.e. an internet address) or its UUID plus version number is given (or both). 1-5-30-112
Permanent data set URI permanentDataSetURI r [0,1] anyURI URI (i.e. an internet address) of the original of this data set. [Note: This equally globally unique identifier supports users and software tools to identify and retrieve the original version of a data set via the internet or to check for available updates. The URI must not represent an existing WWW address, but it should be unique and point to the data access point, e.g. by combining the data owner's www path with the data set's UUID, e.g.] 1-5-30-300
Owner of data set referenceToOwnershipOfDataSet r [0,1] GlobalReferenceType "Contact data set" of the person or entity who owns this data set. (Note: this is not necessarily the publisher of the data set.) 1-5-30-115
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Units units r [0,1] List of units that belong to this Unit group and are interconvertible among each other with a fixed factor, such as this can be done e.g. for kg, g, ounces, pounds etc. of the Unit group "Units of mass". 5-39
Unit unit r [1,n] 5-39-168
Data set internal ID @dataSetInternalID r Int5 Automated entry: internal ID, used in the "Quantitative reference" section to identify the reference unit. 5-39-168-324
Name of unit name r [1,1] String Name of the individual unit. 5-39-168-323
Mean value (of unit) meanValue r [1,1] Real Mean value of this unit in relationship to the reference unit of this Unit group (see field "Reference unit" in the "Quantitative reference" section). [Notes and Examples: This vale is i.e. the linear conversion factor for this unit. E.g., if the Unit group would be "Units of mass" and the selected reference unit "kg", then the value stated here for an additional unit "g" would be 0.001, as 1 g is 0.001 times 1 kg. It is recommended to report only significant digits of the value.] 5-39-168-325
Comment generalComment o [0,1] StringMultiLang General comment on each single unit, typically giving the long name and unit system from which this unit stems, and (if necessary) referring to specifc data sources used, or for workflow purposes about status of "finalisation" of an entry etc. 5-39-168-326
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0