ILCD Format 1.1 Documentation - Data Types

Data Type Base Type Description
CASNumber xs:string CAS Number, leading zeros are requried.
FT xs:string Free text with an unlimited length.
FTMultiLang FT Multi-lang free text with an unlimited length.
GIS xs:string Global geographical reference in Latitude and LongitudeExamples: "+42.42;-180", "0;0", "13.22 ; -3
GlobalReferenceType Represents a reference to another dataset or file. Either refObjectId and version, or uri, or both have to be specified.
@type GlobalReferenceTypeValues (required) - indicates the type of the referenced dataset/file. One of GlobalReferenceTypeValues.
@refObjectId UUID UUID of the referenced object
@version Version version number of the referenced object
@uri xs:anyURI URI of the referenced object
subReference String Valid only for references of type "source data set". Allows to make references to sections, pages etc. within a source.
shortDescription STMultiLang Short, clear-text summary of the referenced object that can be used as a hint what to expect behind the reference in cases where it cannot be resolved.
Int1 xs:integer 1-digit integer number
Int5 xs:integer 5-digit integer number
Int6 xs:integer 6-digit integer number
LevelType Int1 1-digit integer number, must be equal to or greater than 0
MatR xs:string Mathematical rule
MatV xs:string Mathematical variable or parameter
NullableString xs:string String with a maximum length of 500 characters. May be empty.
Perc xs:decimal percentage amount
Real xs:double 38-digit real number
ST xs:string Short text with a maximum length of 1000 characters.
STMultiLang ST Multi-lang short text with a maximum length of 1000 characters.
SchemaVersion xs:string Version number
String xs:string String with a maximum length of 500 characters. Must have a minimum length of 1.
StringMultiLang String Multi-lang string with a maximum length of 500 characters.
UUID xs:string Unique Universal Identifier, 16-byte hex number
Version xs:string Version number
Year xs:integer 4-digit year
boolean xs:boolean true, false, 1, or 0
dateTime xs:dateTime Date and time format acc. to ISO 8601, chapter 5.4