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ILCD Format 1.1 Documentation - Flow data set

Field name Element/attribute name Requ. Occ. Data type Definition eDoc ID
Flow data set flowDataSet m [1,1] 2
@version m SchemaVersion
@locations o String
Flow information flowInformation m [1,1] Covers the INvariable flow information addressed in ISO/TS 14048's section "Inputs and outputs" 2-9
Data set information dataSetInformation m [1,1] General data set information. Covers the ISO/TS 14048 fields 1.2.1, 1.2.3, 1.2.4, 1.2.5, (1.2.6), (1.2.7),,,, and references to 1.2.11 (Flow property) and (Unit). 2-9-36
UUID of flow data set UUID m [1,1] UUID Automatically generated Universally Unique Identifier of this data set. Together with the "Data set version", the UUID uniquely identifies each data set. 2-9-36-137
Name name r [0,1] General descriptive and specifying name of the flow. 2-9-36-138-1
Base name baseName r [1,1] StringMultiLang General descriptive name of the elementary, waste or product flow, for the latter including it's level of processing. 2-9-36-138
Treatment, standards, routes treatmentStandardsRoutes r [0,1] StringMultiLang Specifying information on the (product or waste) flow in technical term(s): treatment received, standard fulfilled, product quality, use information, production route name, educt name, primary / secondary etc. Separated by commata.. 2-9-36-139
Mix and location types mixAndLocationTypes r [0,1] StringMultiLang Specifying information on the good, service, or process whether being a production mix or consumption mix, location type of availability (such as e.g. "to consumer" or "at plant"). Separated by commata. 2-9-36-140
Quantitative flow properties flowProperties r [0,1] StringMultiLang Further, quantitative specifying information on the (product or waste) flow, in technical term(s): qualifying constituent(s)-content and / or energy-content per unit etc. as appropriate. Separated by commata. (Note: non-qualifying flow properties, CAS No, Synonyms, Chemical formulas etc. are documented exclusively in the respective fields.) 2-9-36-141
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Synonyms synonyms o [0,1] FTMultiLang Synonyms / alternative names / brands of the good, service, or process. Separated by semicolon. 2-9-36-142
Category and classification information classificationInformation r [0,1] Hierachical classification of the Flow property foreseen to be used to structure the Flow property content of the database. (Note: This entry is NOT required for the identification of the Flow property data set. It should nevertheless be avoided to use identical names for Flow properties in the same class. 2-9-36-143
Elementary flow categorization elementaryFlowCategorization r [0,n] Identifying category/compartment information exclusively used for elementary flows. E.g. "Emission to air", "Renewable resource", etc. 2-9-36-144
Name of categorization system @name r string Name of the categorization system. E.g. "ILCD 1.1" or another elementary flow categorization/compartment scheme applied, as defined e.g. in other LCA database (systems). 2-9-36-144-a
Categories file @categories o anyURI URL or file name of a file containing all categories of this categorization system. [Note: The file is to be in form of the "ILCDCategories.xml" format. If a category file is specified, only categories of the referenced categories file should be used.] 2-9-36-144-b
Category name category r [1,n] Name of the category of this elementary flow. 2-9-36-144-1
Hierarchy level @level r LevelType Hierarchy level (1,2,...), if the categorization system is hierachical, otherwise emtpy or not used. 2-9-36-144-1-a
Unique category identifier @catId r string Unique identifier of the category. [Note: May be used by LCA software for it's category system. If used the identifer should be identical to the on defined in the referenced category file. Identifiers can be UUIDs, but also other forms are possible.] 2-9-36-144-1-b
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Classification classification r [0,n] Optional statistical or other classification of the data set. Typically also used for structuring LCA databases. 2-9-36-145
Classification system name @name r string Name of the classification system. 1-1-2-7-2-a
Classes @classes r anyURI URL or file name of a file listing all classes of this classification system. [Notes: the referenced file has to be in form of the "ILCDClassification.xml" format. If a classification file is specified, the "class" entry should correspond to the classes defined in the classification file.] 1-1-2-7-2-b
Class name class r [1,n] Name of the class. 1-1-2-7-2-1
Hierarchy level @level r LevelType If more than one class is specified in a hierachical classification system, the hierarchy level (1,2,...) could be specified with this attribute of class. 1-1-2-7-2-1-a
Unique class identifier @classId r string Unique identifier for the class. [Notes: If such identifiers are also defined in the referenced category file, they should be identical. Identifiers can be UUID's, but also other forms are allowed.] 1-1-2-7-2-1-b
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
CAS Number CASNumber r [0,1] CASNumber Chemical Abstract Systems Number of the substance. [Note: Should only be given for (virtually) pure substances, but NOT also for the main constituent of a material or product etc.] 2-9-36-146
Sum formula sumFormula r [0,1] String Chemical sum formula of the substance. 2-9-36-147
General comment on data set generalComment o [0,1] FTMultiLang Free text for general information about the Flow data set. It may contain information about e.g. the use of the substance, good, service or process in a specific technology or industry-context, information sources used, data selection principles etc. 2-9-36-150
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Quantitative reference quantitativeReference r [0,1] This section names the type of quantitative reference used for this Flow data set, which is always one of the Flow's Flow properties (see section "Flow properties"). 2-9-38
Reference flow property referenceToReferenceFlowProperty r [1,1] Int5 One of the Flow's Flow properties, which is set as the default flow property in which the flow measured. (Data set internal reference to one of the flow properties in section "Quantitative flow properties".) 2-9-38-151
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Geography geography o [0,1] Provides information about the geographical representativeness of the data set. 2-9-42
Location of supply locationOfSupply o [1,1] StringMultiLang Only used for product or waste flows and only required for matrix-type databases. Location or region of supply / consumption or production of the good or service, or operation of the process. [Note 1: Entry can be of type "two-letter ISO 3166 country code" for countries, "seven-letter regional codes" for regions or continents, or "market areas and market organisations", as predefined for the ILCD. Also a name for e.g. a specific plant etc. can be given here (e.g. "FR, Lyon, XY Company, Z Site"; user defined). Note 2: The fact whether the entry refers to production or to consumption / supply has to be stated in the name-field "Mix and location types" e.g. as "Production mix".] 2-9-42-152
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Technological representativeness technology o [0,1] Provides information about the technological representativeness of the flow in case it is a product or waste flow. 2-9-43
Technical purpose of product or waste technologicalApplicability o [0,1] FTMultiLang Description of the intended / possible applications of the good or service, or waste. E.g. for which type of products the material, represented by this data set, is used. Examples: "This high purity chemical is used for analytical laboratories only." or "This technical quality bulk chemical is used for large scale synthesis in chemical industry.". Or: "This type of biowaste is typically composted or biodigested as the water content is too high for efficient combustion". 2-9-43-1
Technical specification referenceToTechnicalSpecification o [0,n] GlobalReferenceType "Source data set(s)" of the product's or waste's technical specification, waste data sheet, safety data sheet, etc. 2-9-43-2
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Modelling and validation modellingAndValidation r [0,1] Covers the five sub-sections 1) LCI method, 2) Data sources, treatment and representativeness (not used for flows), 3) Completeness (not used for flows), 4) Validation (not used for flows), and 5) Compliance. 2-11
LCI method LCIMethod r [0,1] LCI methodological modelling aspects. 2-11-48
Type of flow typeOfDataSet r [1,1] FlowTypeValues
Elementary flowExchange between nature (ecosphere) and technosphere, e.g. an emission, resource.
Product flowExchange of goods or services within technosphere, with a positive economic/market value.
Waste flowExchange of matters within the technosphere, with a economic/market value equal or below "0".
Other flowExchange of other type, e.g. dummy or modelling support flows.
Names the basic type of the flow. 2-11-48-153
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Compliance declarations complianceDeclarations r [0,1] Statements on compliance of several data set aspects with compliance requirements as defined by the referenced compliance system (e.g. an EPD scheme, handbook of a national or international data network such as the ILCD, etc.). 2-11-56
Compliance compliance r [1,n] one compliance declaration 1-3-22-1
Compliance system name referenceToComplianceSystem r [1,1] GlobalReferenceType "Source data set" of the "Compliance system" that is declared to be met by the data set. 1-3-22-90
Approval of overall compliance approvalOfOverallCompliance o [0,1] ComplianceValues
Fully compliantMeets all requirements of this compliance aspect as defined in the respective "Compliance system".
Not compliantDoes not meet all requirements of this compliance aspect, as defined for the respective "Compliance system".
Not definedFor this compliance aspect the named "Compliance system" has not defined compliance requirements.
Official approval whether or not and in how far the data set meets all the requirements of the "Compliance system" refered to. This approval should be issued/confirmed by the owner of that compliance system, who is identified via the respective "Contact data set". 1-3-22-95
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Administrative information administrativeInformation r [0,1] Information on data set management and administration. 2-13
Data entry by dataEntryBy r [0,1] Staff or entity, that documented the generated data set, entering the information into the database; plus administrative information linked to the data entry activity. 2-13-62
Time stamp (last saved) timeStamp r [0,1] dateTime Date and time stamp of data set generation, typically an automated entry ("last saved"). 1-5-28-104
Data set format(s) referenceToDataSetFormat r [0,n] GlobalReferenceType "Source data set" of the used version of the ILCD format. If additional data format fields have been integrated into the data set file, using the "namespace" option, the used format namespace(s) are to be given. This is the case if the data sets carries additional information as specified by other, particular LCA formats, e.g. of other database networks or LCA softwares. 1-5-28-105
Data entry by: referenceToPersonOrEntityEnteringTheData o [0,1] GlobalReferenceType "Contact data set" of the responsible person or entity that has documented this data set, i.e. entered the data and the descriptive information. 1-5-28-103
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Publication and ownership publicationAndOwnership r [0,1] Information related to publication and version management of the data set including copyright and access restrictions. 2-13-64
Data set version dataSetVersion m [1,1] Version Version number of data set. First two digits refer to major updates, the second two digits to minor revisions and error corrections etc. The third three digits are intended for automatic and internal counting of versions during data set development. Together with the data set's UUID, the "Data set version" uniquely identifies each data set. 1-5-30-111
Preceding data set version referenceToPrecedingDataSetVersion o [0,n] GlobalReferenceType Last preceding data set, which was replaced by this version. Either a URI of that data set (i.e. an internet address) or its UUID plus version number is given (or both). 1-5-30-112
Permanent data set URI permanentDataSetURI r [0,1] anyURI URI (i.e. an internet address) of the original of this data set. [Note: This equally globally unique identifier supports users and software tools to identify and retrieve the original version of a data set via the internet or to check for available updates. The URI must not represent an existing WWW address, but it should be unique and point to the data access point, e.g. by combining the data owner's www path with the data set's UUID, e.g.] 1-5-30-300
Owner of data set referenceToOwnershipOfDataSet r [0,1] GlobalReferenceType "Contact data set" of the person or entity who owns this data set. (Note: this is not necessarily the publisher of the data set.) 1-5-30-115
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Flow properties flowProperties r [0,1] List of flow properties (with all variable information linked to that respective flow). 2-15-66
Flow property flowProperty r [1,n] One flow property 2-15-66-1
Data set internal ID @dataSetInternalID r Int5 Automated entry: internal ID, used in the "Quantitative reference" section to identify the reference flow property. 2-15-66-191
Flow property referenceToFlowPropertyDataSet r [1,1] GlobalReferenceType "Flow property data set". 2-15-66-190
Mean value (of flow property) meanValue r [1,1] Real Value for the flow expressed in this flow property in relationship to the the value of the flow expressed in its reference flow property (see field "Reference to reference flow property" in the "Quantitative reference" section). [Notes and examples: If the product flow "Diesel" is expressed by default in "Mass" (= reference flow property) and "kg" (= corresponding reference unit), the value that would be stated here for an additional flow property e.g. "Net calorific value" would be "42.5", as this flow property has the reference unit "MJ" and Diesel has a net calorific value of 42.5 MJ per 1 kg. It is recommended to report only significant digits of the value.] 2-15-66-192
Minimum value minimumValue r [0,1] Real Minimum value of this flow property in case uncertainty distribution is uniform or triangular. 2-15-66-193
Maximum value maximumValue r [0,1] Real Maximum value of this flow property in case uncertainty distribution is uniform or triangular. 2-15-66-194
Uncertainty distribution type uncertaintyDistributionType o [0,1] UncertaintyDistributionTypeValues
undefinedProbability distribution information not available.
log-normalProbability distribution of any random parameter whose logarithm is normally distributed.
normalProbability distribution of any random parameter whose value is normally distributed around the mean of zero.
triangularProbability distribution of any random parameter between minimum value and maximum value with the highest probability at the average value of minimum plus maximum value. Linear change of probability between minimum, maximum and average value.
uniformContinuous uniform probability distribution between minimum value and maximum value and "0" probability beyond these.
Defines the kind of uncertainty distribution that is valid for this particular object or parameter. 2-15-66-195
Relative StdDev in % relativeStandardDeviation95In r [0,1] Perc The resulting overall uncertainty of the calculated variable value considering uncertainty of measurements, modelling, appropriateness etc. [Notes: For log-normal distribution the square of the geometric standard deviation (SDg^2) is stated. Mean value times SDg^2 equals the 97.5% value (= Maximum value), Mean value divided by SDg^2 equals the 2.5% value (= Minimum value). For normal distribution the doubled standard deviation value (2*SD) is entered. Mean value plus 2*SD equals 97.5% value (= Maximum value), Mean value minus 2*SD equals 2.5% value (= Minimum value). This data field remains empty when uniform or triangular uncertainty distribution is applied.] 2-15-66-196
Data derivation type / status dataDerivationTypeStatus r [0,1] FlowDataDerivationTypeStatusValues
MeasuredAll data was measured for the purpose of LCA or is meeting the related requirements (e.g. being quantiatively and qualitatively related to unit process and its quantitative reference/products, etc.). This includes calculated data with models based on measured plant data (but not exclusively theoretical calculations) as used e.g. in parameterised unit processes.
CalculatedStochiometric or other theoretical relations were used to calculate the amount of this flow. [Note: Calculations that include quantiatively relevant expert judgement are of the type "Expert judgement".]
EstimatedExpert judgement was used to derive the quantity of this flow. This includes the unmodified or corrected use of data from similar processes / technologies, times, or locations, as well as calculated values where the formulas/parameters include quantitatively relevant expert judgement.
Unknown derivationData derivation type information fully or at least for quantiatively relevant parts unavailable.
Identifies the way by which the Flow property value was derived (e.g. measured, estimated etc.), respectively the status and relevancy of missing data. 2-15-66-198
Comment generalComment o [0,1] StringMultiLang General comment on each single flow property (if necessary) referring to specifc data sources used, or for workflow purposes about status of "finalisation" of an entry etc. 2-15-66-199
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0
Other content other o [0,1] May contain arbitrary content. 0