Life Cycle Impact Assessment


LifeCycleAssessmentLife Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) is vital phase of any LCA. An LCIA helps interpret emissions and resource consumption data that are associated with a product's life cycle in terms of environmental burdens, human health, and resources. The European Platform on LCA therefore provides guidance and data to facilitate LCIA. It equally outlines criteria against which models and indicators should be evaluated, covering both scientific aspects and stakeholder acceptability. The guides consist of:

Data used in the LCIA phase to calculate indicators are known as Characterisation Factors. The Platform provides a database of factors in the ILCD format. A technical note helps to support the correct use of the CFs and points out some known limitations. The CFs dataset, entailing metadata and errata corrige, is available as a MS excel files and as ILCD formatted xml files.

Further supporting references can be found in the Library.

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