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Legenda publication types: A=Articles in periodicals and books, B=Books, eB=eBooks, DS=datasets, STR=Scientific and Technical Research Reports, PID=Public information dcuments, RR=Reference Reports

The Consumer Footprint: monitoring Sustainable Development Goal 12 with process-based life cycle assessment.2019Sala S., Castellani V.A
Roadmap to rebound: how to address rebound effects from resource efficiency policy2018Vivanco David, Sala Serenella, Mcdowall WillA
Prioritizing and optimizing sustainable measures for food waste prevention and management2017Cristobal Garcia Jorge, Castellani Valentina, Manfredi Simone, Sala SerenellaA
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Energy simulation and LCA for macro-scale analysis of eco-innovations in the housing stock2019Allacker K., Castellani V., Baldinelli G., Bianchi F., Baldassarri C., Sala S.,A
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Consumer Footprint. Basket of Products indicators on household appliances2019Reale F., Castellani V., Hischier R., Corrado S., Sala S.STR
Consumer Footprint. Basket of Products indicator on Mobility2017Castellani Valentina, Fantoni Moris, Cristobal Garcia Jorge, Zampori Luca, Sala SerenellaSTR
Consumer Footprint. Basket of Products indicator on Housing2017Baldassarri Catia, Allacker Karen, Reale Francesca, Castellani Valentina, Sala SerenellaSTR
Consumer Footprint. Basket of Products indicator on Household goods2019Castellani V., Hidalgo C., Gelabert L., Riera MR., Escamilla M., Sanyé Mengual E., Sala S.STR
Consumer Footprint. Basket of Products indicator on Food2017Castellani Valentina, Fusi Alessandra, Sala SerenellaSTR
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