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Data set: Gypsum plasterboard (11.00.000)

Full name
Gypsum plasterboard; technology mix of plasterboard production; production mix at factory; 10 kg/m2
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Reference flow(s)
Partly terminated system
LCIA results included?
Materials production / Other mineralic materials
Use advice for data set
The data set represents a cradle-to-gate inventory. It can be used to characterise the supply chain situation of the respective commodity in a representative manner. Combination with individual unit processes using this commodity enables the generation of user-specific (product) LCAs.
Data set use approval
General comment
The data set covers all relevant process steps / technologies over the supply chain of the represented cradle to gate inventory with a good overall data quality. The inventory is mainly based on industry data and is completed, where necessary, by secondary data. End-of-life recycling stage is not included in the cradle-to-gate inventory. The recycled content of the products is 40% taking into account recovered paper as well as post-consumer recycling of plasterboard, FGD gypsum (fluegas desulphurisation gypsum) and titanogypsum, the three of them replacing natural gypsum stone. This indicator specifies the advantages of the use of recycled or recovered material on resource depletion and land use not integrated in the mandatory assessments under the ISO 14040 series.
LCI Method Principle
LCI Method Approaches
  • Allocation - exergetic content
  • Allocation - net calorific value
  • Allocation - market value
  • Allocation - mass
Completeness of product model
All relevant flows quantified
  • Independent internal review by
    Data quality indicators
    • Overall quality: Good
    • Methodological appropriateness and consistency: Good
    • Precision: Fair
    • Completeness: Very good
    • Geographical representativeness: Good
    • Time representativeness: Good
    • Technological representativeness: Good
License and access conditions
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The data set can be used free of charge by anybody to perform LCA studies, to distribute it to third parties, to convert it to other formats, to develop own data sets etc. as long as the copyright and license conditions for the ELCD data sets and the ILCD format are met that can be accessed via Please note e.g. that reference must be given to the 'Owner of data set' and to the 'ELCD database' plus version number, when using the data set or parts thereof. Please note also, that any modifications/omissions of the data set results in invalidity of any existing 'Official approval of data set by producer/operator', that the impression must be avoided that this would still be a complete ELCD data set, and that the content of further fields has to be adjusted. For details see the aforementioned copyright and license conditions.
Owner of data set
Technical purpose
Standard mineral product used as dry mortarless construction material with standard size (12.5mm thick, 1200mm x 2400mm)
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Data set format
ILCD format 1.1
Compliance systems
  • ILCD Data Network - Entry-level (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
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