Resources Directory

The LCA Resources Directory is a repository of information and documents characterized with metadata descriptors. Three main sections are available:

  • Services and Tools: info on software and databases developers and suppliers, and LCA/LCT service providers

  • Document and Studies: documents (e.g. reports, category rules, methodologies etc.) and studies (e.g. scientific papers, impact assessments, etc.) developed with different Life Cycle approaches (e.g. Environmental Footprint, LCA, Ecodesign, etc.)

  • Reviewer Registry: info on skills and CVs of potential reviewers for Life Cycle studies and LCI datasets. The tool automatically calculates the eligibility of reviewers for different schemes (i.e. Environmental Footprint, full ILCD compliance and LCDN.

This site supports you in integrating Life Cycle Thinking into product development and into public policy making with structured, cost free and independent information.

Browsing the RD

Both registered and unregistered users will be able to browse all the public sections of the RD. At first glance the search can be performed only using the full text search, in each section. It is also available an advanced search tool order to refine the research, referring to specific fields available in studies, contributors and reviewers sections.

Expected benefits

The new functionalities of the RD are aimed to facilitate the access to a database of systematically characterized information on studies, category rules, software/DBs, services and reviewers, to a broad range of users. On the other hand, the possibility for contributors to self manage their own info, is aimed to ensure that the info provided through the RD is constantly updated and consistently described.

Disclaimer: The listing of the reviewers, tools, service providers, and databases in this Directory does not imply any preference on the part of the Commission. The details provided by the third-party providers have been checked prior to publication, but no liability can be taken for the correctness of the information or any damage resulting from the use of the provided information.