Welcome to the user guidance of the European Commission directory on LCA tools, databases, services and service providers!

In order to publish contents the new users must register a new account, and choose if they want to be only study providers (can only upload life cycle based studies or category rules/criteria), or also contributor (can also register LCA software and tools, both as developer or supplier, and give info about the services provided, if any)

The entry / validation process is the following:

  • The user defines a new entry (a "draft" can be saved also if the mandatory fields are not completely filled, while the finish button allows to save the entry as "final draft" and go to next steps);
  • The user can select a final draft and send it for approval, by selecting "request approval", only in the case of tools and databases suppliers, if the supplied DB or tool is available in the resource directory, the entry must be approved also from the developer.
  • Once approved by the Administrator, the user can publish the entry using the function "Publish selected item", or can modify the item (in this case the study returns to the final draft status and is editable again, but must be sent again for approval);
  • A published item can be hidden (by selecting "hide" function) and returns to the approved status, allowing the user to choose the same options described in point 3.
  • At each stage (i.e. Draft, Final Draft, Approved, Published) a study can be permanently removed from the RD, by selecting the "delete" function.

Here following the detailed workflow of the steps described above.