Environmental assessment and comparison of the environmental performance of a product offered is the aim of the following services:

Environmental performance evaluation

Environmental indicators that quantifies the relevant environmental aspects of a product helps you to choose among different suppliers of a product.

Green (public) procurement (GPP)

... is a procurement process, which takes into account environmental elements when buying products and services. To prevent a mere shifting of burdens of environmental damages among life cycle phases or among environmental problems, an effective Green Procurement should be based on a life cycle thinking or life cycle assessment.

Environmental product declarations

An internationally standardized (ISO 14025) and LCA based method to communicate the environmental performance of a product or service. As the method is standardized you can use EPDs to compare different aspects of the products within your purchase process.

Environmental labels

... are voluntary schemes at EU level (the EU Flower), regional level (e.g. The Swan in Scandinavia) or national level (e.g. The Blue Angel in Germany). Eco-labels are especially spread in the end-user market as they are an easy-to-apply criteria for a purchase decision.