Training and methodological work are the topics of:

Developing LCA impact assessment methods

Development of methods which provide impact factors for elementary flows to evaluate the environmental effects of a product or a process, through its whole life cycle. LCA impact assessment methods regards environmental impact assessment, mid-point effects and end-point effects.

Training courses

To keep you updated you should frequently attend training courses, workshops etc. held by the leading experts. As an LCA professional you may also be in position of offering training to e.g. other experts, environmental managers and product designers.

Academic education

To improve your knowledge you should attend training at university level in LCA and related disciplines to keep up with the latest developments. Another very important task for colleges and universities is to educate students generally in life cycle thinking and specialised students in LCA disciplines.

Capacity building

Improve and build up your technical and managerial skills and resources to perform LCA studies, review LCA studies and providing life cycle related services. Training courses, academic education, conferences and others is the basis for your capacity building.