The need of information:

The specific information needed depends on the purpose; here only a limited list of service areas is listed. The data sets of the Commission's ELCD database you will find in the "Data set area" of this website. You may also have a look into all other services and into the "Databases" section of this directory, where you may get access to available third party databases with life-cycle basis.

Green (Public) Procurement (GPP)

A procurement process carried out by public purchasers and taking into account environmental elements when buying products and services. To prevent a mere shifting of burdens of environmental damages among life cycle phases or among environmental problems, an effective Green Public Procurement should be based on a life cycle thinking or life cycle assessment.

Sustainability / environmental reporting

Sustainability reporting is "a process for publicly disclosing an organisation's economic, environmental, and social performance. ... Through sustainability reporting, organisations report on progress against performance goals not only for economic achievements, but for environmental protection and social well-being." (Source: Global Reporting Initiative, GRI). At policy level, organisation could be interpreted broadly, also covering society.

Sustainability ratings

Sustainability Performance Indicators, SPIs, are a limited number of key indicators used to find and keep track of the sustainability performance of e.g. products, organisations or policies. SPIs cover the economic, environmental (EPI) or social dimension of sustainability.