Elements for your organisation's communication strategy can be defined in the context of different services:

Sustainability/ Environmental reporting

... can help you to show the environmental / sustainability profile of your company and products in an all-embracing and informative publication. Reports are mostly issued every two or three years. There are some reporting standards for different sectors.

Sustainability ratings

... evaluate an organisation's sustainability performance on basis of publicly available information or information requested for the rating. Other organisations may decide on investments or cooperation on basis of your sustainability rating. Service providers can help improve your rating.

Environmental product declarations

An internationally standardized (ISO 14025) and LCA based means to communicate the environmental performance of a product or a service; mainly intended for B2B communication.

Environmental labels

... show compliance to the requirements and criteria established by the respective labelling organisation. The requirements depend on the label, the more advanced ones are based on an LCA. Compared to an EPD information an eco-label is rather one-dimensional (comply or not). Use for B2C and for B2B and Green Publioc Procurement.