Improvement measures often need the experience of specialist instead the general overview of a generalist. Expertise can be provided in the following services:

Supply chain management

... includes the management of physical goods and associated information. Setting requirements for these goods and information can be supportive for the environmental performance of an OEM's product

Waste management strategies

Disposal options and strategies differ in the European countries. To find the best option for your organisation and the environment is in the focus of this service.

Life cycle engineering (LCE)

Integrated approach for design and development of products and technologies, that jointly analyses environmental effects and costs from a life cycle perspective, paying special attention to product performance, technical feasibility of measures and other engineering aspects. The environmental analysis usually employs an LCA, the economic an LCC.

Material flow analysis (MFA)

Evaluation the use of materials using information from material flow accounting helps to identify waste of natural resources and other materials associated to your products or technologies which would otherwise go unnoticed by conventional economic monitoring.

Life cycle sustainability (LCS)

Methods, which takes jointly into account the economic, social, and environmental aspects throughout the whole life of a product or technology, is inter-disciplinary, and requires expertise.

Training courses

To keep you updated you should consider to frequently attend training courses, workshops etc. held by the leading experts.