Services to assure compliance to relevant laws and standards with a life cycle background include support in ...:

Waste management strategies

Disposal options and strategies differ in the European countries. Due to the new Thematic Strategy on Waste ( and its implementation, the Waste framework directive and various directives will strongly include a life cycle perspective towards more coherent policy making. To find the best solutions for your organisation and the environment is in the focus of this service.

EMAS / ISO 14001

... are the European regulation and international standard that regulate the environmental management system in organisations and/or sites. There are specific requirements set for organisation and content of and reporting on environmental management. The specific life cycle aspect is here the new inclusion of "indirect aspects", upstream and downstream of your organisation.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

The EU defined a uniform scheme for emission trading (ETS) in all European countries. This scheme is partly supplemented by national regulations. Good service and tools can help to organise the data of your organisation and manage them effectively. Also, the costs resulting from this scheme will be passed along the supply-chain. Life cycle models in respective tools can help you to also calculate such upcoming costs for your products provided that you are covered by the scheme.

Emission trading

... is one of the mechanisms of the Kyoto protocol, but is upcoming also for non greenhouse-gas emissions.