The assessment of your products and future products are picked up with these services:

Environmental performance evaluation

An evaluation to quantify, understand, and track the relevant environmental aspects of a system or product. The basic idea is to identify indicators (environmental, operational and management), which can be measured and tracked to facilitate continuous improvements.

Analysing products (LCA studies including Carbon footprinting)

... evaluates the reduction potential of the products environmental negative effects and set priorities in product improvement. Being a sub-set of a full LCA, Carbon footprint analysis is also offered as separate service.

Benchmarking products

... Makes it possible to compare different products designs to determine improvement, optimisation and saving potentials.

Life cycle based environmental risk assessment

Integrated Life-Cycle and Risk Assessment for industrial products covers the use of life-cycle assessment, risk assessment, and a combined framework of the two in the estimation of environmental damage, providing explanations of methods and descriptions of practical applications in the environmental analysis of industrial products.

Life cycle costing (LCC)

... enables it to compare the cost of product designs over their entire life cycles including external costs (see "Externalities").

Total cost of ownership

The total costs to own a product throughout its life, including the costs of purchase, operation, maintenance, and potential waste fees.

Eco-efficiency studies

By choosing the method for production, service, disposal or recovery that makes most ecological and economic sense you ensure optimum conservation of resources, minimum emissions and waste and low overall costs of your product design.

Life cycle engineering (LCE)

... is an integrated approach for design and development of products and technologies, that jointly analyses environmental effects and costs from a life cycle perspective, paying special attention to product performance, technical feasibility of measures and other engineering aspects. The environmental analysis usually employs an LCA, the economic an LCC.

Life cycle risk analysis

... evaluates the probability of adverse effects of your product design from a life cycle perspective.