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TitleType of documentCompliance
Comparative LCA of electric, hybrid, LPG and gasoline cars in Belgian contextLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)ISO 14044
Contributions to Eco-design of Machine-to-Machine Product Service Systems: the example of Waste Glass Collection Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)OtherThe technical requirements of the ISO 1404x guidelines have been addressed. However, no review of the LCA was made (Except the review of the Journal reviewers).
Evaluación del balance de gases de efecto invernadero en la producción de biocarburantes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)OtherRED Directive methodology Annex V
Final Results of Brassica Carinata Experience in Spain. Environmental and Economic Performance of Heat ProductionLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)ISO 14044
Life Cycle Assessment of biofuels from hydrotreated vegetable oilLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)ISO 14044
Life Cycle Assessment of Italian High Quality Milk ProductionLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)OtherPCR of EPD system
ISO 14044
Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Electricity Production by solarthermal Power Plants in SpainLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)ISO 14044
Results of the First Adapted Design for Sustainability Project in a South Pacific Small Island Developing State: FijiLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)OtherThe study followed ISO 14040 and 14044 technical guidelines; it was however not reviewed.
Sustainable building: the development of an evaluation methodLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)Otherno
Tap water or bottled water? A review of LCA studies supporting a campaign for sustainable consumptionOtherreview of existing LCA study on drinking waterOtherNo direct compliance, but the reviewed studies claimed to be ISO 14044 compliant