The Life Cycle Data Network

The Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN) was launched in Brussels on 6th February 2014 by the Director General of DG JRC, and the Deputy Director General of DG Environment.

The LCDN aims to provide a globally usable infrastructure for the publication of quality assured LCA dataset (i.e. LCI datasets and LCIA method datasets) from different organizations ( e.g. industry, national LCA projects, research groups, and consultants).

Originally meant to host data compliant with ILCD entry level requirements, since April 2018 a new registry has been added, to host and share data packages in line with the Product and Organisation Environmental Footprint (PEF and OEF) framework (see the dedicated website of DG ENV for further details)

The European Commission hosts the node for the Environmental Footprint’s representative products (click here to go directly to the node)

The Network is a non-centralised web-based infrastructure composed by Nodes, and it also called Registry.

A Node is developer/owner dateset repository.

  • The datasets in the Network are published by the developer/owner through their own Node.

  • Datasets registered can be searched and then browsed directly from the relative Node in the network.

  • All datasets registered and published are compliant with quality requirements aimed at guarantee datasets quality and coherence in terms of Methodology, Documentation, and Nomenclature, for the two compliance systems allowed (ILCD entry level and PEF/OEF)

Life Cycle Data Network datasets support Policy development and application, Environmental Footprint activities and European Commission Life-Cycle based projects.