How to participate

ILCD entry-level and PEF/OEF compliant datasets (see the dedicated developer's pages on the left menu) can be shared through the Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN)

There are two prerequisites to participate to the Life Cycle Data Network:

  • To create datasets in line with ILCD entry-level, or PEF/OEF compliance criteria.

  • To install a Node for data sharing based on Soda4LCA application

To join this Network please check the common developer section; for any questions please contact us using the dedicated form of the EPLCA.

Compliant datasets:

To understand how to develop compliant ILCD or PEF/OEF data, please visit the dedicated sub-section (following the links according to the specific comliance, ILCD or PEF/OEF).

Node (Soda4LCA)

The soda4LCA (service-oriented database application for LCA) software is the main application for LCA data in the ILCD format. Soda4LCA has been primarily developed by the Institute for Applied Computer Science (IAI) in cooperation with the European Commission Joint Research Centre, and is now maintained by OkworX and the JRC.

Soda4LCA can store ILCD-formatted datasets and referenced documents in the database. Soda4LCA includes functionalities for import and export and search and retrieval of datasets. The software allows to create and maintain an online node for sharing data in ILCD format, at different levels of compliance (ILCD entry-level and PEF/OEF). It is widely customizable, and allows the registration of data in the Life Cycle Data Network and in the Global LCA Data Access (GLAD) platform (developed under the UNEP- Life Cycle Initiative framework)

You can download Soda4LCA and handbook for data developers from the common developer section.