Developer ILCD Entry-Level

This page contains tools, documents and packages related to the ILCD Entry Level (ILCD-EL) scheme.

Entry-level requirements

In order to be included in the Life Cycle Data Network, the candidate datasets need to meet the International reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) entry-level requirements. These requirements were established to guarantee a minimum level of documentation, methodological consistency among datasets, and coherence in terms of format and nomenclature, and to provide the user with useful information on data quality. These entry-level requirements should enhance the quality of the datasets included in the Life Cycle Data Network.

Information on the quality of datasets included in the network and the review carried out to ensure that they meet the ILCD entry-level requirements is available under the 'Validation' section of the datasets. Review reports, which must be attached to datasets, are publicly accessible.

The following documents will help the developer to handle the review requirements and workflow:

Guide for the ILCD entry level data compliance: the document provides links to the ILCD handbook, where relevant.

ILCD-compliance and ILCD Entry-Level requirements.

Review Template: the document provides the provisions for ILCD documentation-compliant LCA data sets under the ILCD Handbook and Life Cycle Data Network.

Review template

ILCD Handbook nomenclature: the document provides a common nomenclature, provisions and reference elementary flow list for use in both LCI and LCIA work.

ILCD Handbook Nomenclature and other conventions

ILCD management of UUID: The document provides the guidelines of how to create and change UUIDs and version numbers of data sets.

ILCD Management of UUID and version number of data sets


Here is a collection of IT tools that may be used in order to develop an ILCD compliant datasets:

The ILCD2XLS converter (beta 3) is a java application that allows to convert ILCD formatted process data sets to MS Excel format. It can convert either single process data sets or entire folders.

ILCD2XLS converter

Useful mapping file from Ecoinvent to ELCD.


Format converter developed by GreenDelta for conversion of EcoSpold02 to ILCD, including extended ILCD reference lists and revised mapping files: OpenLCA format converter.

OpenLCA format converter

Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA)

Zip package with the XML files of the LCIA methods in xml format, and extraction in excel of the flows, characterization factors and other items in the package.

ILCD methods: xml or excel

Excel table with normalization factors used in the ILCD EL Scheme.

European and global ILCD compliant normalization factors

If you want to use the methods in a LCA software or open them with a browser or using an editor, you need to download the ELCD package that contains all the dataset references such as the flowlist. The ELCD (European Life Cycle Database) has been discontinued in 2018, since the LCI (process) datasets became obsolete and were not updated, however all the other items within the package, including flowlist and methods, are still valid for the ILCD EL scheme.