Developer Environmental Footprint (EF)

This page contains tools, documents and packages related to the Environmental Footprint scheme.

Environmental Footprint reference packages

The following tables provide the Environmental Footprint reference packages (ILCD-formatted zip packages with reference flow lists, LCIA methods and other related XML Files). The reference packages' content is also available as excel table, and change logs in comparison with previous releases are available.

EF reference package 3.1 (transition phase)

(last update July 2022)

The EF 3.1 package involves updates of characterization factors in the impact categories of: Climate Change; Acidification Ecotoxicity freshwater; Photochemical ozone formation; Human Toxicity cancer; and Human Toxicity non cancer. Further details are reported in the EF3.0-to-EF3.1 change log file.



Reference package 3.1: zipped version of the EF reference package DEVELOPED FOR THE EF TRANSITION PHASE, including all the reference files, plus additional documentation, in ILCD structure, to be used as baseline for EF compliant data development.

It includes also the configuration file for Look@LCI (updated with new normalization factors (NFs) in July 2022 – the software is available in the common developer’s page), for the specific EF reference package, and the converter (currently in beta version) from EF 3.0 to EF 3.1, in the folder "others" within the package.
In order to reflect the changes in the Environmental Footprint 3.1 reference package, additional guidance documentation has been released for EF 3.1 data developers.

EF reference package 3.1

EF reference package spreadsheet: Excel file reporting the most relevant information contained in the zipped files, for Flows, Methods, Characterisation Factors, Unit Groups and Flow Properties.

EF 3.1 (xlsx spreadsheet)

Change Log: Excel file reporting the difference occurring between the EF 3.0 package and the EF 3.1 Release.

Change log (xlsx spreadsheet)

Annex C

Default application-specific and material-specific values for the parameters to be used in the application of the Circular Footprint Formula when performing a PEF or OEF study.

Other schemes

Other schemes based on EF reference packages

EF reference packages archive

Superseded EF reference packages

Environmental Footprint additional info

For additional info related to EF (supporting information on CF and LCIA methods, normalization and weighting factors, PEF/OEF methods and related annexes, etc.) refer to the EF main page on the EPLCA website.

Guide for EF compliant data sets (NEW VERSION RELEASED - JULY 2020) provides additional guidance, in addition to the ILCD entry-level requirements, in order to develop process data sets, compliant with the Environmental Footprint (EF) requirements. The previous versions of the guide are available here: March 2019 - August 2019.

Here available the templates to document overall changes and core changes in EF Datasets (currently under review at the EF TAB data working group level). Here available the review report template.

Suggestions for the update of the Environmental Footprint Life Cycle Impact Assessment concerning impacts due to resource use, water use, land use, and particulate matter have been discussed in a JRC technical report (available here) and its annexes (available here).