Nodes containing EF data (last update: June 2023)

The following table includes a list of nodes that provides PEF/OEF compliant data. The access to nodes and data stocks (i.e. specific stocks of homogeneous data within the nodes) is regulated by the decision of the node owner, thus, some of the data might be accessible for free, for some other a registration (for free or for fee) might be required. Within the nodes a “login/register” link is available, and the user’s conditions are specified within the nodes. For the nodes owned by the European Commission, the access is always free. The access to EF compliant data is granted for free (with or without registration) for users that develops PEF/OEF studies within the existing PEFCRs/OEFSRs.

Mapping file containing suggested correspondences between Environmental Footprint 2.0 process datasets (developed within the EF Pilot Phase) and the EF 3.1 datasets (delivered to the European Commission during the EF Transition Phase until June 2023).

The mapping file (download excel updated until June 2023) has been defined by the Joint Research Centre, taking into account the inputs and feedback received from the data developers involved in providing the datasets listed in the workseets. The mapping file should be considered as a utility for users to identify the best fitting EF 3.1 process datasets to replace the EF 2.0 within the scope of their study.


Description of the lot(s) present in the node and compliance system



European Solvents Industry Group

  • Solvents (EF 3.1)



  • Chemicals for paint (EF 2.0) (tendered, EF pilot phase)
  • Chemicals for paint (EF 3.1. Level-1 disaggregated in eILCD) (updated from EF pilot phase)



  • Chemicals (EF 2.0) (tendered, EF pilot phase)
  • Chemicals part 1 (EF 3.1. Level-1 disaggregated in eILCD) (updated from EF pilot phase)
  • Chemicals part 2 (EF 3.1) (tendered, EF transition phase)
  • Apparel parts 1-2-3 (EF 3.1) (tendered, EF transition phase)
  • Plastics (EF 3.1) (tendered, EF transition phase)
  • Other (EF 3.1) (tendered, EF transition phase)



  • EF representative products (EF 2.0)

European Commission


  • Feed (EF 2.0) (tendered, EF pilot phase)
  • Feed (EF 3.1. Level-1 disaggregated in eILCD) (updated from EF pilot phase)
  • Agrofood (EF 3.1) (tendered, EF transition phase)
  • Renewable (EF 3.1) (tendered, EF transition phase)



  • Agrofood, "others" (EF 2.0) (tendered, EF pilot phase)


(Down, March 2023)


  • Glass recycling (EF 2.0)


(Down, March 2023)

Small Data Providers Database

Node operated by the European Commission, for small data providers (less than 10 process datasets per provider allowed) (EF 2.0)

European Commission

Sphera (former Thinkstep)

  • Core datasets official ETPE (includes Energy, Transport, Packaging, End-of-life) (EF 2.0) (tendered, EF pilot phase)
  • Core datasets official ETPE part 1 (EF 3.1) (updated from EF pilot phase)
  • Core datasets official ETPE part 2 (includes non-packaging plastics, electric and electronics, metals and minerals) (EF 3.1) (tendered, EF transition phase)