EN 15804 reference package

In 2016, during the EF pilot phase the European Commission mandated CEN to amend the EN 15804 standard to better align it with the PEF requirements. The mandate included a request to align the impact assessment models, indicator’s units and characterisation factors used in the EN 15804 with the corresponding ones developed within the EF method. Furthermore, the mandate requested the standard to use the nomenclature and the format for life cycle inventories as in the ILCD. The two points were implemented in the revised EN 15804. Compared to the EF reference package valid at the time when the amendment was related, the revised EN 15804 differs for the characterisation factors (CFs) of biogenic CO2 uptake and emissions, which were set in the standard as equal to "-1" (CO2 uptake) and "+1" (CO2 release). The choice of different CFs for biogenic CO2 implied that a separate version of the EF-reference package, specific for the EN 15804 standard, has been delivered.

Zipped version of the EF reference package to be used in in the context of EN 15804, including all the reference files, plus additional documentation, in ILCD structure. This version is based on the EF Reference Package 3.0. It includes also the configuration file for Look@LCI (see developer main page) for the specific package.

Package for the EN 15804

Excel file reporting the most relevant information contained in the zipped files: Flows, Methods, Characterisation Factors, Unit Groups and Flow Properties.

EN 15804 XLS