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Data set: market for electricity, medium voltage JP (01.00.000)

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market for electricity, medium voltage JP
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Energy carriers and technologies / Electricity
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This dataset describes the electricity available on the medium voltage level in this country. This is done by showing the transmission of 1kWh electricity at medium voltage. Production volume: 945332000000 kWh Included activities start: This activity starts from 1kWh of electricity fed into the medium voltage transmission network. Included activities end: This activity ends with the transport of 1 kWh of medium voltage electricity in the transmission network over aerial lines and cables. This dataset includes: - electricity inputs produced in this country and from imports and transformed to medium voltage - the transmission network - direct emissions to air (SF6 from the insulation gas in the high voltage level switchgear are allocated to the electricity demand on medium voltage). - electricity losses during transmission This dataset doesn't include - electricity losses during transformation from high to medium voltage or medium to low, as these are included in the dataset for transformation - leakage of insulation oil from cables and electro technical equipment (transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers) because this only happens in case of accidental release - SF6 emissions during production and deconstruction of the switchgear, as these are accounted for in the transmission network dataset. Technology level: 0 undefined Technology: - High voltage level above 24 kV (large scale industry) Start date: 2012-01-01 End date: 2015-12-31 Is data valid for entire period: true Time period: The annual production volumes of this market are taken from IEA/OECD statistics and are valid for the year 2012 Macro-economic scenario name: Business-as-Usual Version: Created: 2015-05-19T10:32:17 Last edited: 2015-08-06T12:19:16 Source: afb38d2f-c22a-4bbd-8a22-0b9fb43a6dd4_759b89bd-3aa6-42ad-b767-5bb9ef5d331d.spold
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