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Data set: carboxymethyl cellulose production, powder RER (01.00.000)

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carboxymethyl cellulose production, powder RER
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Materials production / Organic chemicals
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Data is aggregated by ecoinvent to a system process to protect confidentiality. data based on company information for a former detergent study of EMPA [This dataset was already contained in the ecoinvent database version 2. It was not individually updated during the transfer to ecoinvent version 3. Life Cycle Impact Assessment results may still have changed, as they are affected by changes in the supply chain, i.e. in other datasets. This dataset was generated following the ecoinvent quality guidelines for version 2. It may have been subject to central changes described in the ecoinvent version 3 change report (http://www.ecoinvent.org/database/ecoinvent-version-3/reports-of-changes/), and the results of the central updates were reviewed extensively. The changes added e.g. consistent water flows and other information throughout the database. The documentation of this dataset can be found in the ecoinvent reports of version 2, which are still available via the ecoinvent website. The change report linked above covers all central changes that were made during the conversion process.] Production volume: 1.32236940655721 kg Included activities start: From cradle, i.e. including all upstream activities. Included activities end: This module contains material and energy input, production of waste and emissions for the production of carboxy methyl cellulose. Transport and infrastructure have been estimated. Energy values: Undefined (default) Geography: data from 1 European producer, used as European average Technology level: 3 Current (default) Technology: Processing of alkaline cellulose with mono acetic acid, used as average technology for the mid 90s Start date: 1993-01-01 End date: 2015-12-31 Is data valid for entire period: true Time period: year of reported data Macro-economic scenario name: Business-as-Usual Version: Created: 2010-07-29T14:00:34 Source: f9baf8b9-bf0e-4fcf-b113-b24d6151e047_0ffa7cec-4410-423f-82b4-0071f3334660.spold
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