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How to participate

You own some ILCD entry-level compliant dataset and you want to use the Life Cycle Data Network infrastructure to publish your dataset(s).

There are two prerequisite to participate to the Life Cycle Data Network:

  • create dataset based on ILCD Entry level requirements.

  • install your own Node based on Soda4LCA application.

To join this Network please check the developer section; for any questions please contacting us using this form: EPLCA.

ILCD Entry level compliant datasets:

The first step is to develop ILCD entry level compliant datasets.

All the documentation and tools provided can be found and downloadable from developer section.

Node (Soda4LCA)

The soda4LCA (service oriented database application for LCA) software is the main application for LCA data in the ILCD format. Soda4LCA has been developed by the Institute for Applied Computer Science (IAI) in cooperation with the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

Soda4LCA can store ILCD-formatted datasets and referenced documents in the database. Soda4LCA includes functionalities for import and export and search and retrieval of datasets. An access right management system allows administrators to define which users have what kind of access (read, read only metadata, import, overwrite) to datasets. A further dataset administration module allows the management of datasets in a soda4LCA database instance.

You can download Soda4LCA from the developer section.