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Environmental Footprint dataset package

zipped version of the EF reference package, including all the reference files + additional documentation, in ILCD structure, to be used as baseline for EF compliant data development.

reference: Excel file reporting the most relevant information contained in the zipped files, for Flows, Methods, Characterisation Factors, Unit Groups and Flow Properties.

excel file reporting the difference occurring between the ILCD package and the EF 2.0 Release

Documentation and LCIA

Beyond the characterization factors, reported in the file EF 2.0 XLS mentioned above, in this section is available the documentation related to:

  • Supporting information
  • to the characterisation factors of recommended EF Life Cycle Impact Assessment methods

  • Normalization and weighting factors
  • (used in the remodeling phase)

  • Weighting factors
  • report on the approach adopted for calculation of weighting factors for EF

    Environmental Footprint additional info

    Find additional information on the environmental footprint framework on the dedicated page hosted by DG ENV