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Environmental Footprint dataset package

zipped version of the EF reference package, including all the reference files + additional documentation, in ILCD structure, to be used as baseline for EF compliant data development, it includes also the configuration file for look@LCI,(see developer main page), for the specific package, and automatic converter from EF 2.0 to EF 3.0, in the folder “others”.

reference: Excel file reporting the most relevant information contained in the zipped files, for Flows, Methods, Characterisation Factors, Unit Groups and Flow Properties.

excel file reporting the difference occurring between the EF 2.0 package and the EF 3.0 Release

Documentation and LCIA

Beyond the characterization factors, reported in the file EF 3.0 XLS mentioned above, in this section is available the documentation related to:

  • Supporting information
  • to the characterisation factors of recommended EF Life Cycle Impact Assessment methods

  • Normalization and weighting factors
  • (used in the remodeling phase)

  • Weighting factors
  • report on the approach adopted for calculation of weighting factors for EF

    Environmental Footprint: Update of Life Cycle Impact Assessment Methods – Ecotoxicity freshwater, human toxicity cancer, and non-cancer

    Using physicochemical and toxicity data available in the REACH-IUCLID database from the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), the OpenFoodTox database from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and from the Pesticide Properties Database (PPDB) from the University of Hertfordshire, new CFs have been calculated for the EF using the USEtox® 2.1 model.This report describes how freshwater ecotoxicity and human toxicity cancer and non-cancer CFs for application in the EF context have been calculated or derived. The freshwater ecotoxicity, human cancer and non-cancer impact categories are recommended to be used in EF context, level of recommendation III (according to ILCD recommendation levels). The report (available here) describes the methodology followed to generate those new characterisation factors. All supplementary materials mentioned in the report are available here

    Previous releases

    EF 2.0 Complete pack

    This is the reference package used for the EF Pilot phase, the zip contains the EF 2.0 Reference Package, the excel file of the package, the change log from ILCD to EF 2.0, the supporting information on CFs and the normalization and weighting factors. Also the validator profile for EF2.0 is included in the reference package

    Environmental Footprint additional info

    Guide on Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data generation for the Environmental Footprint provides additional guidance, in addition to the ILCD entry-level requirements (JRC 2012), in order to develop process data sets, compliant with the Environmental Footprint (EF) requirements. Here available the templates to document overall changes and core changes in EF Datasets.

    Find additional information on the environmental footprint framework on the dedicated page hosted by DG ENV