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This page provides tools and information for the creation of ILCD entry level and PEF/OEF data, and for data sharing through the LCDN.

Common tools:

NODE INSTALLATION: Soda4LCA - IT infrastructure including the documentation for creating a Node for data sharing and for registration of data in the data network

VALIDATION TOOL: automatic tool for format and nomenclature validation, remember to download the validation profile according to the compliance that has to be tested (for Environmental Footprint, the profile is also embedded in the package under “other” folder)


Including guidance on preparation of data (export from an LCA modelling tool); technical validation of the data;  setting up of a node for participation in the LCDN; uploading of the data to the node; publication of the data on the LCDN.

Specific sections:

  • ILCD data format
  • ILCD-Entry Level
  • Environmental Footprint