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Data set: Aluminium sheet (03.00.000)

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Aluminium sheet; primary production; production mix, at plant; aluminium semi-finished sheet product, including primary production, transformation and recycling
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Materials production / Metals and semimetals
Aluminium coil, aluminium strip
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This data set can be used for LCA studies related to products made in Europe and which include aluminium sheet material. The data set includes the burden and credit associated with the recycling of aluminium scrap over the whole life cycle using the substitution methodology for taking into account the recycling phase. The substitution methodology considers that recycled aluminium substitutes primary aluminium so that only metal losses during the various phases need to be balanced by primary aluminium. The used average recycling rate is 78% for aluminium sheets. For more details and further LCI data sets related to aluminium rolled products, please contact
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General comment
The environmental data have been collected through an extensive environmental survey, organised among the European aluminium industry, focussing on the year 2005 and covering EU-27 countries as well as EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland). From this survey, European average values, i.e. foreground data, have been calculated for the direct inputs and outputs of the various aluminium processes. Using the GaBi software system, the foreground data have been combined within LCI models integrating background LCI data on energy supply systems, ancillary processes and materials. From these models, generic European LCI data sets have been developed respectively for the production of primary and recycled aluminium ingots and for the transformation of aluminium ingots into semi-finished products, i.e. sheet, foil and extruded products. For the development of the LCI data related to primary aluminium production, a specific model for the electricity production has been developed. Alloying elements have not been considered in these data sets and have been substituted by pure aluminium. The methodology and the various environmental and LCI data have been published in an environmental profile report which is available for download from the website of the European Aluminium Association ( Professor Walter Klöpffer, as an independent expert, has critically reviewed the entire LCI project including the data collection, the data consolidation, the development of the various LCI models and the calculation of the associated LCI data sets. This critical review, which is attached at the end of the report, has confirmed that the LCI data sets were developed in accordance with ISO 14040 and 14044 standards. The LCI data sets related to primary production, recycling and sheet have been combined together according to the flow diagram reported below in order to generate the generic LCI data set for semi-finished aluminium sheet products.
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  • Substitution - recycling potential
  • Allocation - 100% to main function
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  • Independent external review by
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Free of charge for all users and uses
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The data set can be used free of charge by anybody to perform LCA studies, to distribute it to third parties, to convert it to other formats, to develop own data sets etc. as long as the copyright and license conditions for the ELCD data sets and the ILCD format are met that can be accessed via Please note e.g. that reference must be given to the 'Owner of data set' and to the 'ELCD database' plus version number, when using the data set or parts thereof. Please note also, that any modifications/omissions of the data set results in invalidity of any existing 'Official approval of data set by producer/operator', that the impression must be avoided that this would still be a complete ELCD data set, and that the content of further fields has to be adjusted. For details see the aforementioned copyright and license conditions.
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Aluminium sheets are used in many sectors like packaging (can, containers), building (roofing, facade panels), transport (closures, BIW), engineering or for specific applications like lithographic sheets. Aluminium sheets can be formed and joined with other components in complex applications. Aluminium sheets can be anodised or/and coated. Typical thickness of aluminium sheets is between 0,2 and 4 mm. Aluminium foil (thickness < 200 µm) is not considered in this generic data set.
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  • ILCD Data Network - Entry-level (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
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