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ELCD Discontinuation

We inform you all that from the 30th of June 2018, the European Life Cycle Database (ELCD) will be discontinued. Several data providers have nowadays the capacity to create and maintain their own nodes, and share the data through the Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN The JRC has released two new nodes, that will respond to specific needs of data sharing, for LCI datasets developed within EU-funded research projects, and for small data providers (i.e. those that needs to share less than 10 porcess datasets) ensuring also for those entities the possibility to share data without the obligation of the node development and maintenance.

The two new nodes are available at the following links

We clearly endorse all the data providers to develop and maintain their own node, since is definitely more flexible and easy to manage and update. However, for the developers that fits in one of the two above mentioned categories (EU Funded Research Projects, or Small Data Providers), that can't create and maintain a node, there's the possibility to ask for data migration from ELCD to the new nodes.

If you want to request the migration,send an email at and provide the details of the datasets that have to be migrated.

If you need to submit new datasets on those two nodes, please notice that the submission will be possible only after the switch-off of the ELCD, since meanwhile the database structure will be under maintenance.

The two above-mentioned nodes, will be also connected, in the second half of the year, to the Global LCA Data Access (GLAD) network, developed under the Life Cycle Initiative of the United Nation Environment Programme (see for further info).

Data access and use

The ELCD is being published using a newly developed IT infrastructure ready to be registered as the 'JRC ELCD node' to the Life Cycle Data Network. This IT infrastructure is based on the Soda4LCA application (developed by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), OkworX consulting and JRC)) and on an additional application developed by JRC. ).

ELCD3.3 database can also be downloaded as a complete zip package in the 'Dataset download' section. Datasets can be used free of charge and also distributed to third parties. For more details please refer to the copyright and license conditions that can be found in each dataset.

More information for develop your dataset and also create your own node as the ELCD3(node) can be found at LCDN (Registry), in the 'Developer' section

Import into LCA software

Import/export interfaces to major LCA tools for data sets of the Life Cycle Data Network and in the ILCD format are expected to become widely available. They are already available in several LCA tools. Please contact your tool developer/distributor for more information about the import/export functionalities.