New tools and releases

We are glad to announce several news related to the platform, starting from the European Life Cycle Database (ELCD), The Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN) and the LCA Resource Directory (RD)

  1. The new ELCD 3.2. has been released, including new datasets and an expanded flowlist, that will ensure a complete mapping between ILCD and Ecospold 1 and 2, as foreseen also within the framework of the International Forum on LCA database interoperability led by UNEP in collaboration with DG ENV and DG JRC from the European Commission’s side. You can find the new ELCD 3.2.
  2. Within the Life Cycle Data Network, beyond the ELCD other nodes have been recently improved, particularly the Chinese Life Cycle Database started an extensive review of the datasets in order to register lot of them into the LCDN and the former PE-International Node has been renewed (Now rebranded into Thinkstep node and expanded from 28 exemplary datasets to 2000 datasets.
  3. In support of the creation and review of LCI datasets a checking tool has been developed in collaboration with OkWorx (and before KIT) , allowing to check the ILCD format and nomenclature compliance  the reference nomenclature is now related to the flowlist available in ILCD 3.1., but the new extended flowlist will be implemented soon
  4. in support of the creation and maintenance of nodes within the Life Cycle Data Network, a new improved version of Soda4LCA developed in collaboration with OkWorx (and before KIT), has been released, lot of bugs have been resolved respect to the previous version.
  5. In a recently completed project, GreenDelta revised and extended, for JRC, the ILCD reference flow list. Starting from a mapping already existing in GreenDelta’s openLCA format converter, the mapping was carefully investigated and revised for the conversion from the EcoSpold02 to the ILCD data exchange formats, together with JRC. The EcoSpold02 flows for which a counterpart in the ILCD reference flow list could not be found were added to the ILCD list;
  6. The revised mapping list from EcoSpold02 to ILCD and the ILCD reference flow list are both included in a new version of the openLCA format converter, which is available at GreenDelta’s openLCA website, here: and also through the EPLCA website, in the “tool” page;
  7. The LCA Resource Directory has been completely renewed both from a visual and content perspective. A new section dedicated to Reviewer Registry has been released, and the registered users are now allowed to select also the reviewer’s or reviewer team leader’s profile and insert the required information. The tool will automatically calculate the eligibility of a single reviewer or reviewer team for different schemes.
  8. The new EPLCA forum is online, users can now register and create new topics, or read/comment the existing ones.

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